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Ukrainian Pie World Premiere

Kyiv, Ukraine + Cleveland, Ohio USA
December 4, 2022

For Information Contact: “Ukrainian Pie”

World Premiere

A tribute to the courage and fighting spirit of a great nation, “Ukrainian Pie” has just been released in Ukraine, the U. S., and worldwide. “Ukrainian Pie” is also a tribute to Don McLean and the magical music and lyrics of the greatest American popular song of all time---American Pie.

Crafted in parody-style, “Ukrainian Pie” is an original composition by the American songwriter, Hal Pollock. Singer Alex Kozar is accompanied by the classic 4-piece band and full chorus, Ukrainians all. All music production provided by Serge Tiagnyriadno/ Crystal Sound Studio of Kyiv.

A portion of all income will be donated to humanitarian causes for the Ukrainian people through the Ukrainian government.

The video of the song can now be seen on Youtube at the following link:

Join us in the campaign to support the people of the Ukraine with a new anthem that will inspire, entertain, and raise needed funds for humanitarian relief.

For more information, contact Esquire Records: email

Thank you.
Hal Pollock
Esquire Records

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