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Song ebook Coming Soon!!!

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An Expanding Digital Ebook

The Esquire Digital E-Book is a book of songs and lyrics developed by Esquire founder Hal Pollock. The book is a cloud-based publication, and contains streaming songs and video that require internet access. You will be able to purchase and download individual songs or lyrics from the book,  or purchase the whole book.  

If you purchase the whole book, you will receive an access code and a link to Esquire’s Library site, where you will be able to view the digital book in its current form and access all supplemental audio or video recordings then available. Some of the recordings will be  final productions and others will be  demos offered as a guide to recording the songs.

The book offers numerous features, including but not limited to  a fast loading desktop and mobile experience;  auto-resume across devices

  • Quick search, note taking and bookmarking for easy reference
  • Whether you are using a desktop or a mobile device, the book display is beautiful.
  • Many songs include embedded audio and/or video
  • New songs will be added on a continuing basis to the book

The book contains dozens of sets of lyrics which will for the first time be made available to the world music community. Musicians and artists will be  invited to write music and add vocals to Esquire lyrics, and to submit demos for possible collaboration with Esquire. Those songs which are approved by Esquire will be added to the book. You will be able to access those additional songs with your access code.