Hal Pollock is a lawyer, entrepreneur, author, and lyricist like few others. Infected with the music bug in the Beatles’ trailer at Cleveland Stadium at age 15, Hal began writing song lyrics and developing songs in 1999, only to put it aside until returning full throttle in 2019. Since then Hal has produced a blizzard of wonderful new songs and lyrics. Hal is now finalizing his songbook of songs and lyrics entitled Set the World to Music.

Hal’s recent collaboration with Ukrainian Virtuoso pianist Evgeny Khmara has now spawned many new songs including a proposed Disney song called Fairy Tale.  Hal has recently developed a song called Ukrainian Pie, a parody of American Pie. It is a tribute to Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people recorded in Kyiv, Ukraine. A portion of the proceeds of the song will aid the Ukrainian war effort.

Many of Hal’s songs were inspired by actual events. Daughters and Sons recorded by Sonny Geraci (Time Won’t Let Me/Precious and Few) was inspired by Columbine; Love Will Light The Way by comments of Barbra Streisand at her Timeless Millennium concert in Las Vegas, Nevada; and A World Gone Mad by the events of 9/11, written that same evening. Hal has that rare ability to write with power and impact, to touch a heart as he describes in Saying Goodbye to Sondheim. This website contains an assemblage of Hal’s writings, including his proposed Beatle tribute Forever Yours,, songs of inspiration like the Rocky inspired Rise to the Challenge, love songs like Hal’s I Wish You Love/It’s Only Love medley, and the humorous Billy Joel parody We Didn’t Make You Higher. There are patriotic songs like Hal’s proposed new national anthem For Which We Stand.

Francis Scott Key was also a lawyer.

See https://blogs.loc.gov/law/2015/04/francis-scott-key-the-lawyer-poet/

There are lyrics that will make you laugh and some that will make you cry. On the lighter side The Aliens Aren’t Coming and Everything Happens to Me are joyous reads.

Hal has also developed a line of children’s books called “the Monsterbooks” and children’s characters called “The Brittles” who you can meet on this website and hear their theme song.

Pollock’s father Al helped arrange the 1966 Beatles concert in Cleveland and owned the popular 60’s teen club “The In Spot” where artists like Wilson Picket, Eric Carmen, and the James Gang performed. Hal has been building a new Facebook as a tribute to the club and the great artists who played there.  The link to the In Spot is on this page.

Many of Hal’s lyrics have now been set to music, with participating artists from around the globe. Many of the recorded songs are on this website and available through all major music platforms under Esquire Records. Hal’s remaining treasure trove of lyrics is now available through this website and forthcoming book to a world of musicians. Please join us on this musical journey as Hal Pollock sets the world to music.

Music has always been at the core of Hal’s family. Hal says he got the songwriter gene from his uncle Jack Kohen, a Hollywood songwriter in the late 1950’s.


A Band of Brothers

Middle brother Marc plays bass guitar for the popular LA band Seize the Night. https://www.facebook.com/SeizeTheNightBand/

Youngest brother Scott flirted with stardom in the 1980’s with the LA band Freelance


Scott now plays Bass for the Seattle band Knucklehead

August 28, 2022 – I’m Losin’ You


Singing lead – I Want You to Want Me


Grandson Max is now a guitarist and budding songwriter in Boston.