The Best Is Yet To Be

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The Best Is Yet To Be

The Best Is Yet To Be

Lyrics by Hal Pollock
Music by Tony Bodanza

This song is for my angel
Who for all these many years
Has stood right here beside me
Through the triumphs and the tears

My darling wife, my angel,
To my heart you hold the key
Let me take this chance to tell you
You mean everything to me

You’ll be forever in my heart
Your every part of me
For all eternity
And with you here beside me
It is just a start
Because the rest is yet
The best is yet to be
You are the love I hoped for
And I know I’ll always be
The man who will adore you
You’re so beautiful to me
God sent me an angel
When he brought you here to me
I’ll be forever grateful
For the love you’ve given me

And as the golden hour
Of our lives together nears
I want to take this moment
Though my eyes are filled with tears
To tell you that I love you
And thanks for all the years
I’ll cherish you forever
To me you are so dear


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