Smokin' Fool

Smokin' fool

Smokin’ Fool was a spoof developed as a tribute to radio talk show host Mike Trivisonno. He was then a plaintiff in an anti-smoking class action lawsuit. The artist coughing and choking his way through the song is Cleveland funny man Charlie Wiener.

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Smokin' Fool

Smokin' Fool

Lyrics by Hal Pollock
Music and Vocals by Charlie Wiener

I started smokin’ when I was just a teen
Two packs a day and a couple in between
Kept right on smokin’ for another thirty years
Ain’t nothin’ better than a smoke and an ice cold beer

But now my doctors tell me that
Something’s just ain’t right
I got these spots down on my lungs
I’m coughing through the night
And maybe I won’t be here for my children and my and wife
‘Cause it looks like I am headed for the battle of my life

I’m smokin, chokin’
Smokin and a chokin’ all the time
I’m smokin, chokin’
One more cigarette and I’ll be fine

Now I’m a plaintiff in a class action suit
Some folks squawk that I’m just in it for the loot
But all the lawyers get to keep all of the cash
Me I’d settle for two cartons, I can add em’ to my stash

Lord I swear that today I’m gonna quit
Soon as I finish this one last cigarette
But then I remember how good it all can be
And it’s hi diddle diddle, it’s the addict’s life for me

So light up a tribute to this sorry Smokin’ Fool
Who left too soon but, man, he was cool
And write this on my stone to remember who I am
“Here lies a man who smoked and he didn’t give a damn”


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