Seasons Of Our Love

Seasons Of Our Love

Lyrics by Hal Pollock
Music and Performance by Evgeny Khmara

I am sitting alone
And my thoughts turn to you
And I’m starting to think of
the days spent with you
It is then I remember
It is then, it is then I remember
Just how much, how much you
cherished the spring every year
And it makes me remember
How it makes, how it makes me remember
How the birds sang their song just for you
And how you sang to them too

But when summer would come
Starry nights I recall
I could swear that you loved
summertime most of all
When I think of the summer
When I think, when I think of the summer
I remember all our nights
under the stars all alone

When I think of September
Autumn leaves, on the trees of September
I think of all the colors of fall
How much you loved them all

But when winter arrived
And snow started to fall
I think that was the time that
you loved most of all
For we met in December
And we wed, and we loved in December
Now I spend each December
alone without you

When I think of the reasons
that we loved
And of the wonderful seasons
of our love
I am so thankful to
Having shared them with you

Though I sit here alone
As I’m looking back
On our seasons of love
And the reasons that we loved
I am never alone
For I am alone with you

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