Only the Heart Can Tell


Only the Heart Can Tell has two different versions. The first was recorded by Tony Bonanza with backing vocals by Jennifer Lee. The second is by Sonny Geraci. Tony’s version is soulful, Sonny’s more pop.

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Only The Heart Can Tell

Only The Heart Can Tell

Lyrics by Hal Pollock
Music and vocals by Tony Bodanza

There’s something different in your eyes
Something I just don’t recognize
There’s something different in the way that you look at me
But only the heart can see

And all your little lies
The truth has turned to alibis
What you tell me never seems to wipe away my fear
Cause only the heart can hear

And though the words are never spoken
I know you so well
The silence can’t be broken
So only the heart can tell

We had that special kind of love
The kind that others only dream of
Why do I feel it fading like a memory?
I guess only the heart can tell

Although I try to conceal
Those things that hurt too much to feel
I’m gonna have to face what I know is real
“Cause I know my heart can tell