message from god

I start this year in disbelief
Confused, in anger, filled with grief
Trying hard to understand
All this killing in our land

How can you let such evil be?
Is this your plan, to punish me?
For I just cannot comprehend How you expect my heart to mend

Yes it’s true, I had a plan
That you would love your fellow man
But you have cast my plan aside
Let evil demons be your guide

I gave you life, and all you need
Then stepped aside for I decreed
That you should make your way alone
And make your choices on your own

This killing that you’ve come to see
It surely did not come from me
It is not something I’d devine
So dare you not to call it mine

But can’t you see we’ve lost our way
We’ve nowhere else to turn today
We need your help so desperately
To lead us back where we should be

We promise never to forget
The lesson learned, the blood we’ve let
Give us a sign that you still care
A ray of hope that we can share

I handed down my plan to you
It’s up to you to see it through
There is still time to change your ways
And make a world of better days

So let this be my new decree
So it is written so it shall be
If all my children heed the call
There will be peace for one and all

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