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Meet The Brittles
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forever yours

(The Proposed Final Beatles’ Song)
Lyrics by Hal Pollock

We are coming to the end of the long and winding road
Looking back on all the faces of our friends
And the many lives we’ve touched
Who have given us so much
And we wish that we could do it all again

Forever yours
Forever yours
We’ll be forever yours
Keep us in your hearts
and we will be forever yours

We have given you our music which is all we have to give
Hold it close and heed the message for as long as you shall live
Live in peace with one another
learn to love your fellow man
Pass this message to your children
we are certain that you can

Forever yours
Forever yours
We’ll be forever yours
Keep us in your hearts
and we will be forever yours

Listen closely all you people to the things we said today
It’s the message of the music that will never go away
And remember ever after when its time for us to leave
That the love you take is equal to the love you will receive

We gave you all our best
Now you must do the rest

Forever yours
Forever yours
We’ll be forever yours
Keeps us in your hearts
And we will be forever yours
Forever yours
Forever yours
We’ll always be your friends
And the long and winding road will never end


Close with music of A Little Help with the lyric
“Say goodbye with a little song for our friends”

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Meet The Brittles

Lyrics by Hal Pollock
Music by 1964 the Tribute

Hey kids can you solve a riddle?
Back when Mom and Dad were little
What band kept your parents boppin’?
What band kept the house a rockin’?

Hey kids did you solve the riddle?
Back when Mom and Dad were little
What band always made them shake and scream?
Meet the Brittles Yeah !!!

Hey kids whose your favorite Brittle?
Which one makes you scream a little?
Riff or Lefty Mojo Sticks?
Now its time to make your picks
Meet the Brittles Yeah!!!


© 2009 Esquire Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved

With the Beatles in ‘66

The Back Story of a Monstrous Beatles Tale
written by Thomas Kelly

“Do you want to go with me to see the Beatles?”

The place was Cleveland, the afternoon of August 14th, 1966. Hal Pollock’s father owned a trucking company that hauled equipment for big league sports teams and big name performers like the Rolling Stones and the Monkees. In August ‘66, the company was handling tons of equipment and arranging a customized trailer as dressing rooms and press centers for the most eagerly anticipated event in Cleveland’s illustrious rock history – the Beatles were performing at Cleveland Stadium.

Like so many other American kids, Hal Pollock was an avid Beatle fan, had been since he first saw them in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show, staring wide-eyed as they sang “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and a theater full of girls screamed and fainted.

“Are you kidding?” Hal Pollock grabbed the empty cover of his Meet the Beatles album (the LP was still on his hi-fi, the grooves on the vinyl record worn flat) and jumped in the truck.

With the concert hours away, the 80,000 seats in Cleveland Stadium were empty, but the field was swarming with activity. Workers were putting the finishing touches on the stage, set up at second base on the Cleveland Indians baseball layout. Technicians were running sound checks on the microphones. Managers, reporters and other VIPs were scurrying about the trailers in the outfield behind the stage. Vendors and ushers gathered in small groups in the quiet before the storm.

Laborers secured fencing in a horseshoe from first to third base as a line of defense against intruders on the field. Behind the fence, a battalion of Cleveland police milled in the infield.
Pollock’s dad walked him over to the third base dugout, where the opening acts assembled. “You can stay here for now,” he said, “I’ll come back as soon as I can.”

That was fine with Hal – he had better than a front row seat and he was hanging with rock stars like the Ronettes (Be My Baby), Cyrkle (Red Rubber Ball) and Bobby Hebb.

Two hours later, the stadium was filled with teens eager to see the Beatles. Only problem was they were seated too far away to see them well.

The Ronettes, Cyrkle, Barry and the Remains and Bobby Hebb all took their turns as the impatient crowd began to chant: We want the Beatles! Finally, DJ’s Johnny Canton and Jack Armstrong introduced the Fab Four: “And now, live from Liverpool, England – the Beatles!
Finally, DJ’s Johnny Canton and Jack Armstrong introduced the Fab Four: “And now, live from Liverpool, England – the Beatles!

From the first moment they pranced out on stage, the sights and sounds were electrifying. A continuous barrage of flashbulbs lit the stadium like a thousand pulsing strobe lights. The cacophony of cheers, screams and squeals was the loudest noise Hal had ever heard. The Beatle voices were trumpeted through a hundred megawatt speakers and it was all but impossible to catch more than a note or two through the roar of the crowd.

The kids in the crowd were frustrated as they wanted to see the Beatles up close and personal. It was during the fourth song, just as the Beatles began “Day Tripper,” when it happened. One fan jumped from the stands on the third base side, hurdled the fence, and sprinted for the stage. That fan was quickly collared. Then another fan jumped over the first base railing and darted toward the stage.

The crowd cheered as he ran and booed as two cops tackled him near the pitcher’s mound. Then an athletic kid skirted the fence in right field, zigzagged past police like a broken field runner and made it to the stage before the cops pounced on him. His successful dash sent a mass hysteria signal to the frenzied crowd. Thousands of kids poured out of the stands. They congregated in the twenty foot area between the edge of the stands and the snow fence that ringed the interior horseshoe of the stadium. A mass of human flesh pushed forward as 200 police officers struggled to keep the fence upright. Suddenly there was a loud bang, and the entire snow fence collapsed. The fans swarmed the field past the outnumbered cops and rushed the stage.

Caught up in the excitement, Hal ran with them, one of the first to reach the stage. I was in that crowd too, about 50 feet from the stage. Hal stood in front of John as he chuckled at the riotous scene, as the Beatles continued to sing and play. One female fan jumped on stage and hugged Paul as he was trying to play. The police pulled her off.

George looked concerned as more fans climbed up on stage and surrounded the Beatles. The scene turned to chaos. Ringo, higher than the others at his perch on the drum stand, kept drumming.

Suddenly someone in authority yelled “Get them off the stage.” The music stopped. Exit, stage left. Hal was standing alongside the stage as John strolled by, remarkably calm and laughing with a warm “Hullo.” Paul came next with a friendly nod. Then George walked briskly by showing concern as Hal snapped his picture.

Ringo jumped down from his perch and leapt off the left off the side of the stage. He fell face first on the ground at Hal’s feet. As Hal watched in amazement, Ringo jumped to his feet to escape, looking directly at Hal with terror. It was total pandemonium. As Ringo righted himself, a female fan grabbed the back of his hair and ripped out a clump. Ringo screamed in pain. The security detail quickly ushered the Beatles to the door of the trailer Hal’s dad had procured for them. It was directly behind the stage. Hal followed the Beatles to the trailer.
His dad, already inside the trailer with an entourage of DJ’s and reporters, yelled to Hal to come in. Hal scurried inside, immediately behind the Beatles. He as the last person allowed to enter the trailer. The security guard slammed the door shut, locking everyone inside. For the next 45 minutes Hal and his dad were with the Beatles in the trailer.

For the first 5-10 minutes the kids rocked the trailer from side to side trying to tip it over to force the Beatles to come out. The cops restored order and the Beatles answered reporters’ questions, joking about the near riot, drinking cokes and smoking cigarettes. One DJ, not to be named, collected the Beatles’ cigarette butts from ash trays as souvenirs.

A shaken Murray the K announced that the Beatles weren’t coming back until everyone returned to their seats.

Standing with his father across the living room of the crowded trailer, Pollock’s dad whispered, “Give me the album. I am going to try to get it signed.” Pollock’s dad pushed through the crowd.

A few minutes later he emerged and handed Hal the album. “Hang onto this,” he said. “It might be worth something one day.” Hal looked down and saw the autographs of each Beatle scribbled in fresh blue ink on the front and back of the album. [Hal’s dad was right: the Beatles hardly ever rarely gave group autographs. An original Meet the Beatles album with all four autographs recently went for over $50,000 at auction. Hal’s most prized possession is not for sale.] Unbeknownst to Hal, New York film maker Dan Griffin captured the entire scene including Hal and the Beatles entering the trailer. Although Hal replayed that day in my mind thousands of times over the years he never expected to see it on videotape. Hal discovered the tape on the Internet on September 22, 2022, more than 55 years after the concert. You can see Hal entering the trailer at 3:34 on the videotape at this link.
That was the beginning of Hal’s personal experience and enchantment with the Beatles. Part II did not happen until 30 years later, after college and law school, marriage and family, a busy law practice, other business ventures and supplemental careers as a songwriter, music producer and finally, author. Having been developed a series of books called the Monsterbooks, Hal was searching for a subject for his fourth Monsterbook when he heard Cleveland talk show host John Lanigan talking about the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ first visit to Cleveland. Thoughts of Monsterbooks and Beatles converged.

“That’s it,” Hal mused, “I’ll write a parody of the Beatles as children’s monsters.” “And what should I call the book?” Hal wondered, “Monstermania of course.” Pollock wrote the first lines of the story: “In a time they called the Sixties, In a place called Monsterpool…” and the rest of the story just fell out. Hal invented the parody group and dubbed them “The Brittles.” Riff, Lefty, Mojo and Sticks. In one witting, Hal used eighty Beatle song titles to tell their entire story in rhyme. It struck him as the perfect touch – every title enhanced the story with special memories and a heightened sense of Beatle nostalgia. It was as if the Beatle song titles were written for the story, one or more fit in seamlessly on almost every line. The international of the Muppets proclaimed the Brittles the greatest concept in children’s entertainment in 50 years. An audiobook was developed with music by the world’s top Beatle tribute band, Akron’s 1964. The book was published in 2008. Hal autographed copies of the book at a Carnegie Hall performance of 1964, and signed additional copies for American and UK music superstars at a Beatlefest in Chicago. The book was recorded by George Harrison’s sister Louise Harrison with 23 perfectly recreated Beatles tracks interspersed throughout the story. Eight minutes of Beatle Heaven.

Distribution of the book was halted when it sparked a controversy with Apple Corps. so the world has yet to hear the audiobook. As Apple management has now changed Hal is contemplating renewed discussions with Apple about the re-release of the book. Hal has also had discussions with the BBC about a TV show for the Brittles, and has written story lines for the proposed first thirteen episodes. With a rollicking theme song, lyrics by Hal – music by 1964. The BBC shelved the project when the producer in charge left the BBC. Hal is waiting for the right producer to come along. Hal’s tale of the Beatles and sequels to the first book are already written. It’s Getting Better All The Time.

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Unbeknownst to Hal,

Unbeknownst to Hal, the entire scene at the concert including Hal and the Beatles entering the trailer had been captured on film. Although Hal replayed that day in my mind thousands of times over the years he never expected to see it on videotape. Hal discovered the tape on the Internet on September 22, 2022, more than 55 years after the concert. You can see Hal entering the trailer at 6:21 on the videotape below

Brittles Fans Include American and UK Superstars

EARL SLICK Making his first Chicago FEST appearance, guitarist EARL SLICK’s connection to the Beatles story is during their solo careers. Earl played on John and Yoko’s Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey sessions, and then on Yoko’s next album. He also joined George and Ringo on the legendary Carl Perkin’s “Blue Suede Shoes” sessions from 1985. Earl is a member of David Bowie’s band, and played on FAME, Bowie’s duet with John Lennon from 1975. Earl was a super guest in March and we are so glad he is coming to Chicago to Rock Out! Earl will really add greatly to the live jams and to Sunday’s Musician’s Forum.
GREG HAWKES After a long and illustrious career as the keyboardist in The Cars, GREG HAWKES has pursued solo projects. The latest is called The Beatles Uke, which he says was influenced by George’s interest in the Ukulele. Greg will be performing 2 showcases with many selections from the new CD. He also did a session with Paul for the Flowers in the Dirt album, on the song Motor of Love. Paul wanted a Cars sound, so Greg was brought in. Greg will join Liverpool for a Cars song or two and participate in the jam. Greg was a terrific guest at the NY METRO FEST and we are thrilled he will be with us in Chicago.
MARK HUDSON has been part of the FEST Family for the past 7 years. His knowledge of the entire spectrum of music is truly remarkable. Plus, he is an admitted Beatlemaniac. During his 10 years as Ringo’s Producer, Mark had the chance to work with Paul, George and dozens of other music legends. Mark also produced Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and Ozzy Osbourne. Joining Mark in Sunday’s always fascinating Musician’s Forum will be Steve Holley, Earl Slick and Greg Hawkes. Mark will have his excellent new CD, called The Artist available at the show.
BRETT HUDSON We are happy to announce that BRETT HUDSON has been added as a Special Guest in Chicago. Brett will be treating us to about an hour of exclusive, never before seen footage of his next film project – The Story of Chris Montez. The Beatles were third on the bill when Chris toured the UK in 1963. Brett has uncovered Beatles and related material and it will be the first time he is showing it anywhere! He will also participate in the Musician’s Forum with Brother Mark and jam with Liverpool.
NANCY LEE ANDREWS In 2008, we presented NANCY LEE ANDREWS, who had just published her exquisite photo book A Dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll. She proved to be very popular and we have invited her back this year. Nancy was Ringo’s girlfriend in the 1970’s and has taken photos of Ringo, George, Donovan, Keith Moon and many others. This year in addition to speaking she will be briging her Photo Exhibit. It will be great to see those images in a large format. She also was a recent guest in Joe Johnson’s BBC Live Chat Room.
STEVE HOLLEY Liverpool Drummer Chris Camilleri sends his love and regrets that he cannot make it to Chicago this summer. In his place, will be former Wings Drummer STEVE HOLLEY. DREW HILL, GLEN BURTNIK, JOHN MERJAVE and STEVE will be backing Special Guest Artists for lots of high energy jamming. In addition to sitting in for Chris, Steve will join in the Sunday Musician’s Forum with the other musical guests. It’s been 26 years since Steve has been on our Chicago stage and we welcome him back.
JUDE SOUTHERLAND KESSLER Author of the 800 page novel on the life of John Lennon up to 1961, Shoulda Been There, joins us again. The second edition of her book has just come out and it includes a bonus CD with an exclusive interview with Allan Williams, The Beatles first manager in the early Liverpool days.
JOE JOHNSON Beatle Brunch Host JOE JOHNSON is now on 120 stations nationwide (including 3 in Illinois and one in nearby Milwaukee). . He has also recently launched a new website, the Beatle Brunch Club, which is an extension of the Beatle Brunch Radio Show. Become a member today to take advantage of all the Beatle Goodies this has to offer! Joe heads up the Annual Live Name That Tune Contests and assists Wally in some of the Panel Discussions. There will be separate contests for the younger experts as well, so bone up on yer Beatles Trivia, as he pulls contestants from the studio audience.