Let The
Children Die

let the children die

Lyrics by Hal Pollock

People of America
Are you watching this with me?
Do you see them killing children?
Do you wonder what will be?
Though it’s over twenty years now
Since we said “Never Again”
The only thing that’s changed
Is that we have more deaths than then

Certain of our leaders
Have sold their souls say I
They take money from the devil
To let our children die
Shame on every one of them
To let this killing be
Do the children have to be their own
Before they come to see?

Leaders of America
What do you say to me?
Are you going to stop this killing
Or will you just let this be?
Can you feel the pain and anguish
Of the families that cry?
When they ask how you can stand there
And just let their children die?

Of all the countries in the world
This only happens here
That children and their parents
Have to live in constant fear
When you look into the mirror?
What do you see upon your face?
Do you see our murdered children?
Our American disgrace

Who will save the children From our leaderships’ blind eye?
When a shooter’s in their classroom
And we leave them there to die
For these are all our children
Who depend on you and me
They cannot save themselves
Amidst all this hypocrisy

And what of our policemen
Who stand hiding safe outside?
When every second counts
They leave the killers to decide
The fate of all our children
Our daughters and our sons
When policemen lack the courage
To do what’s needed done

It is time that we unite
And end this saddest tragedy
Send a message to our leaders
That we will not let this be
We must all stand up together
For it’s up to you and I
To show the courage and conviction
Not to let the children die

All good people of this country
Will you now join hands with me?
Say it loud and say it clear
To make sure they hear our plea
So what say you our leaders
To the families that cry?
Are you prepared to do what’s right
Or let the children die?

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