Future Memories

future memories

Lyrics by Hal Pollock
Music and Performance by Evgeny Khmara

It’s a perfect day
A perfect day to stroll the Champs-Elysee today
And I know that I have found the perfect way
For I am seeing it with you

And we’ll make memories
And we’ll remember them for centuries this way
For they will be our future memories
These memories we’re making here today

For it was here we fell in love
And I have never loved this way before today
And I will love you till the stars all fade away
And know our love will stay

And on this perfect day
As lovers walk along the avenue
I’m never looking at the city view
For I see only you
For on this perfect day
My only dream is that I’ll always be with you
Share all my future memories with only you
These memories we make today

No matter what may come to be
Whatever should become of you and me one day
These memories we share will always be
My memories of you

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