Bob Bullee


Your Way

and the compilation are available now through Esquire Records

1. The Lady is a Tramp
2. Fly Me to the Moon
3. The Girl from Ipanema
4. Something Stupid
5. Chicago
6. Witchcraft
7. Send in the Clowns
8. Strangers in the Night
9. For Once in My Life
10. One For My Baby
11. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
12. All the Way
13. Nice ‘n’ Easy
14. Summer Wind
15. My Way
16. Your Way
There are many who say that Frank Sinatra is the greatest singer of all time.
What does that make someone who can sing exactly like him?

Bob Bullee of Rotterdam, Holland was a 25 years old baker when he lost his sight virtually overnight
due to hereditary eye disease. He had to find a new way to support himself.

As it happens, Bob was a gifted singer, with a voice that sounded remarkably like Frank Sinatra.
Some would say as good as Sinatra.
Some might dare say better.

Bob trained as a classical singer, but quickly determined he could not earn a living in classical music.
So he learned the American songbook, in particular the songs of Sinatra.

He made recordings of many of those songs.
Beginning in 2016 Bob appeared on European talent shows, some televised.
On Holland’s Got Talent he sang the Sinatra song Monday Morning Quarterback.
It was a performance for the ages.
Within five seconds of starting the song all four judges swirled around in stunned amazement.
One pointed to the goose bumps on her arm.

Although the performance was jaw dropping, Bob only finished third in the competition.
But it was clear he was a star.

In 2018, Cleveland independent record label Esquire Records founder Hal Pollock
discovered Bob’s Holland performance. He filed the information away to await the right song.

He thought about Bullee’s performance all the time.
In 2023 Pollock decided to create a parody of the famous Paul Anka/Sinatra My Way.
The parody is entitled Your Way.
Pollock retrieved Bob’s information and called him. As a result Bob is now an Esquire artist.

Your Way is now being released together with a compilation of all of Bob’s Sinatra covers, sixteen in total. They are all magnificent.

After all this time, Bob Bullee finally has his chance to shine.

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The Lady is a Tramp - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way
Fly Me To The Moon - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way
The Girl from Ipanema - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way
Chicago - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way
Witchcraft - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way
Send in the Clowns - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way
Strangers in the Night - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way
Your Way - Bob Bullee Compilation Featuring Your Way